Strange Interview…

I heard this on Fox News today and I was flabbergasted I tell you, flabbergasted!

Jon Scott: Take you to the Nation’s Capitol now as we look live at the White House. That building is reeling after the conviction of Lewis (Scooter) Libby the former Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. This, along with the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Scandal and investigations into the mass firing of U.S. Attorneys, how will the Bush Administration handle all of this intense scrutiny? Joining us now, Jane Fleming, she is a Democratic strategist and Executive Director of Young Voter PAC and John Hancock, he is a Republican strategist. Welcome to both of you.

Jane Fleming: Thank you.

Jon Scott: John, dark days at the White House?

John Hancock: Well every administration goes through its trouble and this is a troubling time at the White House but I will tell you that the President has responded very effectively, particularly to the Walter Reed situation, putting the bipartisan commission together is a very good move and the I think you’re going to see this White House come out of this much more stronger and ready to lead our nation.

Jon Scott: Jane, Mary Matalin says only in this day and age could a guy like Sandy Berger stuff documents in his socks, walk out, you know, get busted for it and wind up with no jail time. And Scooter Libby winds up facing maybe a few years for getting, in her words, “confused about when he told stories to certain reporters.”

Jane Fleming: He didn’t get confused. Karl Rove knew about this, Dick Cheney knew about this, and Scooter Libby, who was the highest ranking White House official, he’s at the assistant to the President, [ed note: She has misspoken, Scooter Libby was with the Vice President’s office, not the President’s office and how can an assistant be the highest ranking White House official?] knew about this. It is a major problem. He outed a secret service agent [ed note: Secret Service Agents are part of Treasury, not CIA] and he put lives at risk. Not only hers, but others as well.

Jon Scott: But Fitzgerald said that the outing of the agent was actually done by Richard Armitage, a guy who was, although he was in the administration, was an opponent of the Iraq war.

Jane Fleming: That’s actually not true. And I know that that is a talking point that’s out there now, but that’s actually not true. [ed note: What!?! Bob Novak, the recipient of the outing says that Armitage did the outing. Armitage says Armitage did the outing. Is she perhaps referring to Scott’s statement that Fitz said Armitage was the leaker? Doing a Google search on fitzgerald armitage plame we find many articles stating categorically that Fitzgerald knew that Armitage was the actual leaker, he may not have come out and said it, but this only applies if she was stating that Fitz saying it was not true. If she’s saying that Armitage wasn’t the leaker then where’s her proof? She just states “That’s actually not true” and that’s it. No more. Ms. Fleming: You need to back up statements like that. Mr. Scott: Why didn’t you call her on that?] Most important is how Bush is reacting to this. He actually told an aide when he heard the news to put out a statement expressing sadness for Libby. What the statement should be saying is condemning his behavior and living up to the word that Bush said months ago when this story first broke, that he would make sure that anyone that had anything to do with this leak would be fired and brought to justice. He has not done that. [Ed. note: He didn’t have to fire Libby, Libby resigned. Libby was tried and convicted. Armitage is no longer with State and will not be charged. What more does Ms. Fleming want? Oh, I know, she wants the Vice President and Karl Rove fired and tried as well. Not gonna happen lady. Fitz said yesterday that he doesn’t see any more charges coming out of this investigation.] He should condemn the behavior and make sure to get to the bottom of this case.

Jon Scott: John, what’s your reaction to that?

John Hancock: These people are amazing. The double standards the Democrats employ are absolutely amazing. Where was this rhetoric when Bill Clinton was committing perjury? Where was this rhetoric when Sandy Berger was stuffing those documents into his clothing? The reality here is that it is important to find good people to work in government and the President, by and large, has done a tremendous job bringing highly capable, qualified, professional individuals into this government…

Jane Fleming: {interrupting] Katrina, that’s high…

John Hancock: …that’s why you see our economy doing… it’s why you see our economy…

Jane Fleming: {interrupting} Katrina’s a great example. He does bring in the people who have the knowledge they need to make sure… look at Abu Ghraib, look at Katrina, look at the Walter Reed scandal. There are [sic] scandal after scandal that the White House has got to respond to that they don’t.

Jon Scott: John Hancock and Jane Fleming…

John Hancock: This White House is responding effectively.

Jon Scott: We have to say good-bye. Thank you both.


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