A Conservative's Obituary

Caught a glimpse of “This Week” this morning. In their memorial section at the end of the show they did a little bit on Caspar Weinberger’s life – two lines worth actually. Two lines: that he oversaw the largest “peacetime” military buildup in history, and that he was prosecuted for his role in Iran/Contra.

Ahh yes, that nasty “peacetime” military buildup under Ronald Reagan that cost America so many billions. I guess there’s no need to mention that whole Cold War thing. Now that the decades long fear of Soviet attack is safely behind us, we can now call that era one of “peace”. Forget that it was precisely because of that military buildup that we now have the luxury of cozying up with our comfy peacetime historical revisionism.

That is how the liberal mainstream press sums up your life’s accomplishments (failures) when you hold the wrong (conservative) beliefs.

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