Stop our Democratically Elected Institutions!

There’s a new attack ad running on CNN by a group called Move on Pac regarding the ending of the filibuster. It shows a bunch of elephants storming around Washington destroying various landmarks around the capital while the commentator says “the Republicans control the White House….the Senate….the Republicans control congress” going on to say that Republicans want to control the entire government!

Uhmm….last I checked, the reason that the Republicans are in control of those various bodies is because the public put them there. Talk about slash and burn politics: the public is increasingly rejecting Dems at the polls causing them to lose power and what do the Dems do? Last election they tried to delegitimize the elections. Now their attempting to deligitimize the institutions that Republicans occupy, portraying the excercise of democratically derived power as something wildly destructive.

Welcome Jawa Report readers. Please look around.

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