The AARP and Social Security

AARP has a Social Security Blog! What’s next?

AARP’s recent commercial compares tearing down the whole house because the sink is broken with reforming Social Security reform suggesting that reform would destroy Social Security and they also suggest that with a few small changes, Social Security can be guaranteed.

  • Social Security is NOT guaranteed, Congress can change it any time, even eliminiate it completely.
  • Their few small changes include raising the cap on “contributions” and would entail reducing benefits after 2041.
  • The AARP membership consists of people aged 50 and older.
  • President Bush has already stated that those 55 and older will not be affected by any changes to Social Security.
  • Even if changes are voted in this session (109th Congress), effective dates will be sometime in the future.
  • Most probably any current member of AARP will not be affected by changes to Social Security.

Tell me, please, why do they oppose private accounts so vehemently and why should we listen to them?

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