People and Livestock

Jeff asked me to post on this story: Cabot farmer serving reparative sentence for cow deaths From the Barre – Montpelier Times Argus in Vermont. Christian DeNeergaard, from Cabot, VT was convicted of not feeding or watering his 75 cows, allowing 11 of them to die as a result of this neglect. He was supposed to rectify the situation, but on a subsequent inspection, 15 more cows were found dead of starvation. PETA, of course, wanted him to go to jail. He was not sentenced to jail because of technical issues in the search of the property.

Of course, this man’s behavior is abhorrent and should be punished. But where are PETA now? There is a term “The Human Animal” isn’t there? Get all up in arms for starved cows, but not for a starved human being? Maybe it’s because the cows didn’t tell the bull that they wanted to die.

Anchoress has another story on starving cows: O Irony! FL rancher charged with starving cattle

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