Schiavo: Who Would You Believe

David Limbaugh has an excellent piece out today about the Schiavo case. While I suggest you read it all, I found this excerpt to be particularly compelling:

But do we actually believe that loving parents — parents who would eagerly trade places with Terri in an instant — would place their own comfort above their daughter’s? If not, how can we possibly believe they would fight to prolong her suffering? In examining this case from a distance, isn’t it much easier to believe Terri’s parents’ assessment of her desire to continue living than that of her adulterous husband, whose conflict of interest should disqualify him from guardianship in this case and participation in this decision?

It’s remarkable that there is a system in place that permits life to come down to the word of one party over another. It’s unbelievable that the court would choose Michael’s word over the parents and err on the side of death.

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