UN: Champion of Terrorists, Defender of Despots

Kofi Annan just came out with his views on how the world should react to Hezbollah’s attempt to assert control over Lebanon:

Annan said the world needs to accept that in every society different groups may hold different views. “Of course, we need to be careful of the forces at work in Lebanese society as we move forward,” he said.

“But even the Hezbollah — if I read the message on the placards they are using — they are talking about non-interference by outsiders… which is not entirely at odds with the Security Council resolution, that there should be withdrawal of Syrian troops,” Annan told reporters.

“But that having been said, we need to recognise that they are a force in society that one will have to factor in as we implement the resolution,” he said.

The basic premise of the U.N. is that all nations and regimes are considered equal. All countries have a vote whether they are democratic or despotic. Totalitarian countries such as Cuba sit on special human rights bodies. No regime is good or bad, only different, and deserving of respect. So while we shake our heads in disgust at the above quote we must remind ourselves that Kofi’s statements are far from radical. In fact, they sit squarely in the center of U.N. philosophy. Let’s not shoot the messenger. Let’s get rid of the great world moral equalizer we call the U.N.
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