Election Day (III) – updated

At 10:30 a.m. I was the 171th precinct voter and the 255th from both precincts. There were 12 voting booths and 10 were occupied. That is the most people I have ever seen in my polling place at one time. The election judge said it was pretty slow right then, they have seen many more at one time already today. There were two men at the door to direct you to the proper precinct table. If you didn’t know what precinct, they directed you to a third table to be “looked up”. Since my last name can be difficult, I just showed my registration card. The two people behind me did as well. It seemed as though everyone leaving was happy to get their “Proud to Vote” sticker, in fact, as I was coming in a woman was insisting on getting her sticker. I’m in Illinois, so we know how the state (Chicago) is going to vote, but I did my part for W.

Update: At the Primary there were 743 registered voters in my precinct. 134 votes were cast for a turnout of 18.03%. The other precinct had 709 registered voters at the Primary, 145 votes were cast for a turnout of 20.45%.

Already at 10:30 at voter number 171 from my precinct, we were already 27% higher than the primary. As voter 255 from both precincts, we were at 91% of the Primary’s total votes.

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