The Draft Scare – updated

Boy, was I glad that I had already read Betsy’s post on the draft scare when my step-daughter IM’d me on Tuesday night.

Mom – there’s gonna be a draft and I know you and Dad are vets, but I will refuse!

She just turned 17 on September 11th. We’ve spoken to her about joining the service as a way to pay for college, to see the world. She’s said she’s a conscientious objector and won’t ever fight. Ok, that’s her choice. We won’t make her join the service.

I told her that there will be no draft. I told her that the legislation was introduced by Democrats just so they could use this as a scare tactic. I told her that they introduced the legislation knowing that there was no possible way it would pass either house.

Mom – I won’t go! I’ll move out of the country! I won’t fight! They
can’t make me!

I told her to go to to look it up. I told her again and again, in all caps, that there is no draft.

I used the excuse of getting my four year old son to bed to sign off Messenger.

She just wouldn’t listen.

Now I hear that MTV is promulgating this rumor. Just One Minute has the story there.

UPDATE: Jim Geraghty at National Review Online’s Kerry Spot has more.

UPDATE 2: Betsy has another update here.

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