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November 2017
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New Vacuum

Two weeks ago we were switching the contents of a couple of rooms and our first generation Dyson Animal DCo7 broke. It broke at the top of the Cyclone/dust cup where it attaches to the vacuum itself, near the power button. We have a Siberian Husky. He sheds. A LOT. So do the cats, but not as much.

We asked some friends for recommendations and did some research. We decided on the Shark NV753.

I just have to say “WOW.” After a quick and easy to assemble. I turned it on and it took off like it wanted to vacuum all by itself. The LED lights work very well and are a pleasant addition. The Dyson had no lights. The wand also has a light so you can see into those corners. I think the dust bin might be a tad bit smaller than the Dyson’s, but I’ll just empty it a bit more frequently. No problems there. It’s very easy to see when it’s getting full and very easy to empty. It picked up litter and dust in the laundry room like a champ. It picked up a lot of dust out of the rug in the Laundry room. So much so that I’ve already rinsed the filters and the bin. Very easy to do both. Now they just have to dry.

part-158FLI650The TruePet ™ motorized brush also works very well, picking up the “ground in” pet fur quickly and easily. The crevice tool, called a Dusting Genie by Shark, has a brush that can be pushed to the operating end and used to loosen stubborn dust and cobwebs.

I bought this for my own use and was not compensated for it in any way. I am looking forward to using it more!

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52 Photos – Week 2

Today’s photo is of a lonely pumpkin in the snow. He looks like a squirrel has taken a couple of bites of him. A pop of color in the snow. The snow is raining down today, leaving slush on the walk and the icy snow already on the ground.

lonely pumpkin

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52 Photos – Week 1

I am going to try and take a new photo a week and post on Saturdays.

This week’s photo comes because we switched two rooms today. On the wall of the one room I found this:


It says “I Love You Mom” As if perhaps I wouldn’t be as mad at the writing on the wall because he loves me?

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A Car For Chris

My son Chris was jumped and had his bike stolen on December 23rd.

He was riding his bike that he had added a motor to. He had this bike less than two weeks. We installed the engine on it on the 12th. Click pictures to embiggen.

The assailants were waiting and jumped him when he went by. This was by an empty parking lot that has two entrances, one on the main road my son was riding on, and one on the street to the north. The assailants beat him and took the bike to a dark van in the lot and they escaped out the northern entrance to the lot. He was on Grand, between Jackson and Pine. The Bike Path isn’t lit, so it’s not a good place to ride at night. You can see the tree lined lot between Grand and Porter near the center of the embedded map.

He put the motor on a bike to get places faster than pedaling alone. It’s what he could afford. What he really needs is a car. He’d be a lot safer.

We can’t buy him a car. I’ve set up a GoFundMe so we can try to get some help to get him a car and insurance.

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