Monday Photos – Week 10

Still waiting on warmer weather. We did have some heavy rain, but the snow is still there and has a good coating of ice. So here are some kitty toes.

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Monday Photos – Week 9

As we’re in our, hopefully, last polar vortex of the winter I went through past photos for something springy and sunny.

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Monday Photos – Week 5

A bike from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

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Monday Photos – Week 4

Today’s photo is of a cake I baked for a family party this weekend. Because it’s so very cold and snowy here right now I decided to add a little bit of springtime to the cake by using greens in the decorations.

Layer cake with green icing details
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Monday Photos – Week 3

I’m a little late today, the moon tonight.

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Monday Photos – Week 2

Today’s Monday Photo is also a past photo, a snowy photo from a past snowy day.

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Monday Photos – Week 1

I’ll be posting a photo every Monday in 2019. Today is the first. It may be a new photo or one I’ve taken before. Today is a rainy, gray, cold, blustery day so I’ll post a photo from last summer’s vacation to Florida when the weather was better and the sun was out.

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He was small once.

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Going to the Vet

Our pets are generally very healthy. Recently however, the Siberian has been scratching at his left ear. Then he scratches and cries. On Saturday I went over to try and look in his ear and found that it felt like there was an egg yolk in his outer ear. It seemed that it was almost as big as an egg yolk too.

I looked some stuff up on the internet and found pet forums. There is a lot of information there. You can ask questions and get answers. They have pages for all kinds of animals, large and small. Of course, always check with the vet!

He didn’t seem to be too bothered by that, but his inner ear was still bothering him.

Yesterday we took him to the vet. They had an “all-day” appointment. With this type of appointment, the dog is brought in in the morning and then they take a look at him when they have a few minutes throughout the day.

He had a hematoma in his left ear. They said this could be from shaking his head or from scratching at it. He also has an ear infection. That’s what was causing the discomfort in his ear that he was trying to alleviate by scratching.

So, they drained his hematoma and used a little steroid to help keep it from refilling. They told us there’s a 60% chance it won’t come back and 40% chance it might. Another treatment option is to just let it be and it should resolve itself in a month or two.

So, for now the poor baby has wear what the vet calls an Elizabethan Collar, but what we (and the writers of UP!) call THE CONE OF SHAME.

You can see his poor ear in the photo. The doctor said that “crinkle” may be permanent. We think it gives him “character”.

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Garden One Day to the Next

Two sets of pictures here. These are the same flowers on Tuesday and Wednesday this week:

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