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Happy Birthday to Me!

I was born on Fathers’ Day, and every so often my birthday falls on Fathers’ Day again. It did last year.

It was the Queen’s Birthday a few years ago (the date the UK celebrates, not her actual birthday which is in April).

I share my birthday with MC Escher, Newt Gingrich, Mohammed El Baeredai, the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, Erin and Diane Murphy (Tabitha Stephens from Bewitched), Venus Williams, Barry Manilow, Greg Kinnear, Jason Patric, Thomas Hayden Church, Bobby Farrelly, Mark Linn Baker, Ralph Bellamy, Joe Piscopo, Kimber Eastwood (Clint‘s daughter), James Shigeta, George Clinton, Kami Cotler (the Waltons – Goodnight Elizabeth), Will Forte (SNL), and more.

I also share my birthday with Twitter friends @onefinejay and @littlebytesnews!

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Me and my dad,  my first birthday, and Fathers’ Day the day before. I was born on Fathers’ Day. Dad‘s been gone since 2002. I miss him dearly. That’s a mixer beater in my hand, covered in frosting (so is my face). Mom was making a birthday cake.

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers I know, husband, brothers-in-law, cousins, uncles, friends. Have a great day!

dad and baby me

Some Bags I Made

I made a bag for my “Rollator” walker-cart. There is a basket that fits below the seat, but it doesn’t hold a lot, and can interfere with the seat. So I made this bag that will hold water bottles, lunch, and has a bottle holder on the side for convenience. The main bag zips shutand there are three pockets on the front for smaller items that I want quick access to such as a phone or camera. I can still use the basket if I want.

It attaches to the cart with some buckles that were salvaged from an old pair of snow pants and velcro attaches on either side of the seat for stabilization. It’s easily removable for travel.

walkerbagfront walkerbagback
I made a purse in the same fabric with an adjustable strap. It has a small pocket insideand two zippered pockets on the outside, one on each side. smallpurse
I carry this black purse a lot. It has a couple of pockets inside for my Kindle and Nexus 7. My iPad Mini is too big for those pockets by just *thismuch*. I didn’t have the iPad when I made the bag. It also has two outside pockets on each side and another zippered pocket inside. blackbag
This one is a convertible bag that can be worn cross-body or around the waist. It has clips so the bag can be detached from the belt when worn around the waist. Detaching the bag can make it easier to find something combobag