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Adam Levine and the First Amendment

So Adam Levine said, “I hate this country” on The Voice. He was expressing his disappointment in the results of the popular vote on the show.

People are saying that he shouldn’t have said that. That he “should watch what he says.”

NO. The First Amendment preserves his right to say anything he wants to say. It’s up to those who hear or listen to decide if they agree or disagree. If they are offended, or not. They will decide whether or not to purchase this man’s albums or songs. They will decide whether or not to watch The Voice. They will decide if it is something that they even care about.

He tweeted several things later to explain. But he shouldn’t need to. There should be no need to apologize unless he truly felt that he shouldn’t have said it. What other people think shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Political Correctness has gone too far. It has undermined our right to free speech. You can’t say that! I can. If someone doesn’t like it, they can stop associating with me (another part of our rights that the First Amendment preserves and protects). If they are a client or customer of mine, they can stop using me as a vendor. If I’m in the entertainment industry they can stop watching my movies or TV shows, reading my books, listening to my music, or whatever.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

To all the Mothers in my life, those who have gone to Heaven, and those who are still here, Happy Mothers’ Day!

Mom as a young girl

Mom as a young girl

Mom on Mothers' Day 1962.

Mom on Mothers’ Day 1962.