Packzi Day!


It’s Packzi Day. And the things I’ll do for Packzis. I woke up early after going to sleep very late. My dreams were all Twitter. Everything had to be 140 characters or less. And it was mixed up with Jewel Quest. So the Tweets were merging and disappearing and falling…

Then, when I got to the bakery at 6:30 am, as I was walking behind the car to get to the bakery entrance, I slipped on some ice and fell right on my knees and the heels of my hands. The left side got it worse than the right. And my left is the side that’s already injured.

I sat on the ground for about 5 minutes with my hands on my knees, trying to keep breathing through the pain. Two very nice ladies helped me get up.

Even though I had to hobble in, to the bakery I was going, pain or no. I was already there, and it’s Packzi Day! Luckily the line wasn’t too long that early. I pulled the tab for number 77 when they were calling 74. Yay!100_3028

I was extremely careful going back to the car with 3 boxes (1 King Cake, a dozen assorted Packzis, and one box of 2 prune Packzis for my mom) and I still slipped a little in a different spot, but I got my self home and in the house with my treasures.

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