My Electoral Map

I may be over-optimistic (I probably am) but this is my electoral map:
I was extremely optimistic and waayy wrong.


I think that people may reconsider their choice when it comes down to marking that ballot for real. When it counts. I do think that Obama made a mistake when he started making fun of Joe the Plumber – when he said things like – how many plumbers do you know that make $250K? He was dissing the Democrats’ base when he did that. When he made light of wanting to succeed.

I think he made a mistake when he said that coal plants would be bankrupting themselves to complyl with the caps that he would impose on them. Doing that would harm not only the coal industry and the power generation industry, but it would also harm all the people that he is supposedly on the side of. Electricity rates will rise exponentially and who will be paying those costs? The people. Business costs will rise with a rise in electricity and those costs will be passed on to the middle class and below. We will have to absorb those costs along with the higher costs we will be paying for our own lights and heat.

Maybe that would be okay. After all, Barack Obama is going to lower the taxes for 95% of us. Paying some instead of the some paying taxes… That should cover the higher power and heat costs we’ll have to pay.

Yeah, right.

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