ABC News is Spamming Me – Updated

At many different addresses.

Well, it’s probably not really ABC News, but each and every email has this:

gray background

{some image}

This message was sent to [whichever of my email addresses it’s sent to]

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This email was sent by: ABCNews, 7 WEST 66th Street, New York, NY 10023.

I’ve unlinked the links there, but they go to; account.php; and privacy.php.

They also include the email address it’s been sent to and a session id number in the urls.

Every email comes from a different address and never an address that has anything to do with ABC or

Subjects are generally one word like Orders or Support.

Update: some more subjects that have come in since:

Wake her up with your new long rod. (from kiwi)

Get the latest news on your health. (from Mila)

Personal huge discount (from berkant)

Breaking news (from see)

Hey, ABC News! Here’s something you can investigate. Someone is sending out spam emails using YOUR name.

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