Monday Morning Musings

Camping. With the Cub Scouts. That’s what we did this weekend.

It was actually pretty fun. Of course, the air mattress and down comforter were a plus. The weather favored us, no rain. Mosquitos abounded but weren’t too bad after a little Deep Woods Off.

On Saturday we all went to an apple orchard and went apple picking in the afternoon. Then we went next door to a smokehouse and cider place. The boys got to play on a big pile of hale bales and we got to do a little petting zoo action with pygmy goats and sheep. They also had some turkeys and geese. One of the turkeys came over for some food and when a child put the cup of food through the fence, the turkey took the entire cup right out of his hand.

The freshly pressed apple cider was delicious. The apple cobbler we baked next to the fire was excellent and the apple doughnuts (freshly made at the smoke house the day before) were just wonderful for breakfast in the morning. They went well with the cranberry pomegranite green tea we drank each morning.

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