The "T" Word on Fox & Friends

Caroline Baum of Bloomberg News said teats (that’s the proper spelling of the word that’s properly pronounced “tits” – and Caroline pronounced it correctly) in relation to Sarah Palin’s breasts on Fox and Friends this morning.

Brian got embarrassed and walked off the set just prior to the end of the interview…

Brian: Seems like history but it is history whether they win or not.

Gretchen: She’s a governor that came from out of nowhere to help Republicans in November, but Democrats seem to be leveling their harshest attacks at Governor Sarah Palin rather than on McCain. Do they hate her? Or do they fear her? What is it Brian?

Brian: I’m going to ask Caroline Baum that if you don’t mind waiting here. She’s a columnist with Bloomberg News and has done an extensive study on this. What does your gut tell you Caroline? And where’s the hatred come from?

Caroline: The hatred comes from the fact that Sarah Palin for the first time has made the Democrats’ road to the White House less inevitable. You know, there was an entitlement, inevitable, this inevitability. “This is our moment. This is our time.” Obama has said. And all of a sudden, it went from the convention to the crowds at campaign rallies. And the Democrats are saying, “who is she to upset our apple cart?”

Gretchen: Because, by all accounts, the Democrats should win this election if you look at what’s been going on. You take the pulse of the American public if we’re talking about the war, now you’re talking about the economy. But the fact that that might not happen, what does that create for the future of the Democratic Party?

Caroline: It means they have to look into the mirror and perhaps accept that they are bankrupt in terms of appealing to the population in terms of ideas. I mean it has never been so good for a party out of power as you said. Unpopular president, an unpopular war, lousy economy, housing in the tank, stock market now falling off a cliff, and 80% of the public saying that the economy is on the wrong track. If they can’t win now, when can they win?

Brian: What I don’t understand is, if you’re a Democrat, are you a Democrat first or, for example, a woman first? That sees a breakthrough. I mean there’s no, there’s a huge breakthrough here that regardless of your party.

Caroline: If you’re asking me I think the idea that she would appeal to Hillary voters, you know, the pro-choice versus not seems to be a much bigger issue than, you know, she has teats, versus she, you know, she has another body part, that, you know, men have.

Gretchen: Did you just say that?

Caroline: Am I allowed to say that on air?

Gretchen: Brian has to leave on that comment. But I got the point Caroline. I definitely got the point. Alright. Well thank you so much. You are a columnist with Bloomberg News and it’s a fascinating article.

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