Monday Morning Musings

The government will start sending out the economic stimulus payments today, a few days earlier than previously planned. Those who had their refunds direct deposited will get their stimulus payments first. VK has a discussion going on about what the payment might be used for…

We have to use it for some car repairs. The driver’s side seatbelt will lock up sometimes even when the truck isn’t even moving and back in January the truck was hit in the parking lot at Dunkin Donuts. I had been to the grocery store and the bumper was fine, then I drove a mile to Dunkin Donuts for a Box of Joe and then another mile home. When I got there I noticed that the bumper was all smooshed (I love technical terms) when I went to take the groceries out of the back. Luckily, the liftgate still opened and it wasn’t damaged. Insurance will cover that but we still have to pay the deductible. The passenger restraint is not covered by our extended warranty. We’re only getting the body work done now because we can be reasonably certain that there won’t be any more snow… I did not want to give up a driveable four wheel drive vehicle for a sedan in the snowy winter we had. We even had a foot of snow for Easter this year!

Via Instapundit, as reported by C-Net News, tomorrow will be the long awaited SP-3 to Windows XP. Robert Vamosi there says it’s a quick and painless upgrade and ought to be done right away. He says:

Starting April 29, all Windows XP SP2 users should upgrade to SP3, if only to get a complete set of Windows XP patches installed.

Shark (CBS 9pm EDT/8pm CDT) and Women’s Murder Club (ABC 10:02pm EDT/9:02pm CDT) return tomorrow night. They are both good shows.

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