Monday Morning Musings

About a year ago, Listerine’s Agent Cool Blue was recalled. We became unhappy in our house. We loved that stuff, and The Little Guy actually wanted to brush his teeth.

Today I took The Big Guy over to Wal-Mart to buy him some sand paper so he could smooth down the sword he’s making from some lath we bought at the lumberyard yesterday. I needed to get some Mylanta since I’ve been having some intestinal discomfort lately, and The Big Guy and I happened to go past the mouthwash section on the way to the antacid section. I saw something there that I immediately put in my basket.

Inspector Hector Plaque Detector! It’s blue stuff that you rinse with prior to brushing and it stains the plaque blue, just like Listerine’s Agent Cool Blue did. Just like those little red tablets you chewed in grade school turned the plaque red on your teeth.

Yay! Maybe we won’t have as hard a time getting The Little Guy to brush his teeth!
Inspector Hector logo

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