Daily Archives: February 25, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

Change seems to be the word of this election season. But is change always a good thing? Should change just happen, regardless of the consequences?

Mrs. Clinton is running on change, but she also wants to go back to the 1990’s when her husband was president. She speaks of her 35 years of experience (which is impossible for Mr. Obama as he would have had to have started in politics by age 11 or so to even match Mrs. Clinton).

Then too, since Mr. Bush can not and Mr. Cheney chose not to run for the office of President in 2008, change is automatic.

Castro has announced that he does not aspire to and will not accept the office of President. This is a change that is not a change. A year and a half ago he announced that his brother Raul would be running the country because Fidel wasn’t feeling well. This new announcement only solidifies that. And the change to Raul didn’t really change anything for the Cubans did it?

Of course some change is good. Changing your clothes when they are dirty is good. Changing your diet when your current diet may not be the healthiest for you is good. Changing a baby’s diaper when soiled is a very good thing.

If you can make change that will save money or increase efficiency – or both at once – such as changing your brand of dish soap to one that works better and costs less than your current brand is a good thing.

Changing your brand of dish soap to one that costs more and doesn’t work as well is not.

Especially when you throw away a perfectly good bottle of dish soap to use the new one.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t just go changing things to change things. Look at what you want to change, look at what effecting the change will entail, look at what the consequences of the change will be. Then decide whether to make the change or not.