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Clark: Saddam 'Unpleasant Person' and 'Cork in Bottle' Containing Power of Iran

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Transcript of Stewart Varney interview General Wesley Clark on Your World this afternoon.

Stewart Varney: They’re lining up in Iraq to be Saddam’s hangman. Hundreds of Iraqis applying for that job. It could happen any time within the next 28 days, in fact, it could be happening at this very moment. Saddam will reportedly be led to the gallows in an orange prison uniform, his head covered in a cone shaped black hood. But General Wesley Clark says when it does happen, get ready for more violence and he’s the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and he testified at the mass murder trial of another dictator, Slobodan Milosevic.

General, it’s not our call whether or not we hang this man, execute him or not, but if it was, if it was your call, strategically, would you execute him or put him in prison for life?

Wesley Clark: Well I think the decision’s been made on that. I think it’s too late to go back and review that kind of decision. He’s been brought to trial, the constitution calls for the death penalty, he’s going to be executed and there’s nothing at this point that can be done or should be done.

Varney: Would you do it real soon? Do it real soon?

Clark: Well, I always like to see the full outcome of justice. There were a lot of other people who were injured by Milosevic [ed note: he said Milosevic here – he’s getting his genocidal dictators mixed up.] and there’s another trial underway. But apparently the customary procedure in Iraq is this trial, this sentence, carry it out, and I guess it’s going to get carried out. And I think you know it’s important for us not [ed note: emphasis Clark’s] to be seen as the people behind this. This is the Iraqi people themselves, this is their sense of justice.

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You Will Be Missed

Some of those that were lost in 2006.

There were statesmen, dictators, celebrities, activists

Those that were lost were both young and in the prime of life, and older, having lived full lives.

Some will be missed by a few, some will be missed by many, but all will be missed.

This list was culled from the list at IMDb. All links lead back to the IMDb profile.

January Lou Rawls
Shelley Winters
Wilson Pickett
Anthony Franciosa
Chris Penn
Coretta Scott King
February Al Lewis
Betty Friedan
Peter Benchley
Dennis Weaver
Don Knotts
Darren McGavin
March Jack Wild
Dana Reeve
Slobodan Milosevic
Maureen Stapleton
Oleg Cassini
Buck Owens
Stanislaw Lem
Caspar Weinberger
Gloria Monty
May Lloyd Bentsen
Paul Gleason
June Aaron Spelling
Patsy Ramsey
July Jan Murray
Kenneth Lay
June Allyson
Barnard Hughes
Red Buttons
Mickey Spillane
Jack Warden
August Mike Douglas
Bruno Kirby
Maynard Ferguson
Glenn Ford
September Steve Irwin
Ann Richards
Oriana Fallaci
November Jack Palance
Robert Altman
December Jeane Kirkpatrick
Augusto Pinochet
Peter Boyle
Joseph Barbera
Mike Evans
James Brown
Gerald Ford