Up All Night

Little Guy went to sleep at 9 and woke up just after midnight and threw up. He’s thrown up again a few times since then and a little diarrhea. Poor little fella. So I’ve been watching Boobahs and Teletubbies and now Sesame Street (with Liam Neeson guesting) and doing loads and loads of laundry. He’s running out of pajamas! He said his belly was starving for breakfast, then ate half a cracker and said he was full. He’s thirsty but doesn’t want to sip at the warm (room temp) lemon-lime soda pop, he wants to gulp it down. I’m only giving him about a tablespoon at a time in a 3 ounce bathroom paper cup.

He got his first ear infection on Saturday. We went to the acute care center and were given a prescription for Augmentin and asked not to fill it until Sunday just in case he got better without it. He woke up at midnight in tears because his ear hurt and the children’s Tylenol had worn off. Then he woke up in pain again at 5 so we went to church and then got his prescription filled. He hates the stuff. He can’t take a pill yet so he’s on the suspension. We paid for the bubble gum flavor but he still doesn’t like it. I don’t blame him.

I’m going to get him another tablespoon or so of Sierra Mist and we’ll see how that goes (stays, of course, is what I want it to do). Dad’s getting some sleep and has the day off so maybe I’ll get a nap in a little later.

At least he waited until Christmas was over to get sick so his Christmas was great!

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