December 2006
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Conversations With Dogs and Children

The Anchoress had one and she details it here. Put down your beverage of choice and make sure you’ve swallowed before you click the link.

On the other hand, my Little Guy informed me this morning that he knows who he wants to be when he grows up. He wants to be a bus driver. He said he would come and pick me up and take me where I want to go. And he would live with me. And Daddy too because Daddy will be living with me. And he’ll live with us because he loves us.

Then he changed his mind and he will be a school bus driver instead of a commuter bus driver. A flat front big bus. No. Maybe a little bus so he could park it in the driveway.

He still needs to go to college.

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3 Responses to Conversations With Dogs and Children

  • Has he told you yet that he’s going to marry you?

  • Nope he’s going to marry the two year old next door, Sydney. Then her parents and his parents can be grandparents together…

  • Your Little Guy and our Little Guy are a year apart in age. It’s the perfect age. The other day my husband and our grandson were late going to pick up our granddaughter from school. When I said something our little guy came to me and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll just give her a piece of candy and she’ll be alright.”! Out of the mouths of babes. He starts school next year and I expect his parents will be visiting the school often with him. Not really.

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