US aid $350 million and counting – Updated

Direct Link to the Captain’s Campaign. As of 7:30 am CST on 1/13/05 it’s at $34,223.16!

Update: Captain’s Quarters has set January 12th as World Relief Day:

At Captain’s Quarters, we’re declaring January 12th World Relief Day. I ask that CQ readers donate their take-home pay for January 12th to the tsunami relief effort at World Vision. Obviously, we cannot hope to match the funds raised by governments — but we can show what a handful of determined private individuals can do to help. If you can’t afford to donate all of your take-home pay for that day, please donate what you can.

Spread the word.

CBS Marketwatch:

U.S. boosts aid to tsunami victims
President Bush commits $350 million, with more to come

“Our contributions will continue to be revised as the full effects of this terrible tragedy become clearer,” the president said in a statement issued Friday as Americans celebrated the New Year’s Holiday. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this epic disaster.”

I guess France isn’t leading anymore…

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