On the Boston Marathon Bombing

First, my prayers go out all those injured or killed and their families and friends.

If we run and hide under the bed as a result of this, they win. It’s as simple as that.

Whoever is responsible for this, the intent was to terrorize. Whether this was “sophisticated” or “unsophisticated” (and what difference does it make in any case?) to the bomber(s) it was successful. It may not have been as successful as the bomber(s) wanted it to be, but it worked.

We mustn’t let them win. We mustn’t let ourselves be afraid to do everyday things. We mustn’t let ourselves be afraid to be in crowds, or participate in organized events. We mustn’t be afraid to let ourselves have fun.

We also need to let our local, state, and federal government representatives and officials know that “reactionary legislation” is NOT what is needed now. That’s shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped. Reactionary legislation almost always causes more harm than good, and the harms are always “unintentional.”

In our zeal to find out who is responsible and bring them to justice, let’s also not have another situation like Richard Jewell in Atlanta. Let’s not focus on, and ruin the life of, an innocent person.

To every person who ran in to help, those who pulled aside the barricades and flags, who ran in with wheelchairs to transport the injured out of the area, to those who treated all the injured: Thank you.

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