Vox confuses the NRA with the NRA

Yes, in many cases acronyms stand for more than one actual entity. NBC can stand for the National Broadcasting Company,  Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical in the military, the National Bank of Canada, and more.
NRA has just as many. Here’s a sample from The Free Dictionary.

NRA National Rifle Association
NRA National Restaurant Association
NRA National Recreation Area (US National Park Service)
NRA National Roads Authority (Ireland)
NRA National Register of Archives
NRA National Recovery Administration
NRA Normal Retirement Age
NRA National Recovery Act
NRA National Resistance Army (Uganda)
NRA Non-Resident Alien
NRA National Regulatory Authority

Earlier today Vox tweeted:

Vox NRA Error Tweet

Vox NRA Error

They’ve removed it now. When I was looking for it, I found another tweet by Vox, a little further down their page:voxdeletehistorytweet

I thought that was pretty funny.

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