Scam Calls

The phone just rang. Caller ID said it was 911 calling from phone number 1911.

The caller left a message. The automatic transcript follows:

“I guess your name and your social security number. Unless you receive this message I want you to call the attorney generals office State of Florida to attorney Sam Wilson. 1-850-308-6061. Repeat again it’s 850-308-6061. Don’t disregard this message. Now we got arrest warrant. I guess some fraudulent charges on you. You only got 30 minutes. If you want weeks for 20 samples inviting(?) 30 minutes today evening. You are gonna be arrested by the police officers of your local County Sheriff’s office and will be held behind the jail for six months. Goodbye.”

These types of calls are SCAMS. Don’t answer, don’t return the calls.

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