Cowhide Rugs: Versatile and Stylish

The words “feminine” may not spring to mind when you picture a cowhide rug. It’s time to reconsider. Cowhide rugs can add a needed boldness to a room that is otherwise quite pretty. Picture a room filled with light, crystal accents, flowers, and classically elegant furniture. Now picture a bold and beautiful cowhide rug tying it all together. It is one of the great design strategies: take a style that works on its own, and then juxtapose it with an unexpected piece to really give the room its own character. A piece like this can also serve to help bridge the gap between the different tastes of the users of a space, whether it is a home or business.

A cowhide rug is a statement piece that adds charm and warmth. It is exotic, and at the same time it is earthy and practical. The natural cow skin material is extremely durable and will hold up in even the most high traffic areas of your home or office. These rugs are exceptionally easy to spot clean. The durability and ease of use are just a few of the great qualities of cowhide rugs. It’s also worth noting that bold accent pieces such as cowhide rugs can be the difference between a boring room and an exciting room.

You need not feel compelled to surround your cowhide rug with decor reminiscent of the Old West. The ways in which you can incorporate this design concept are limitless. It can seem at once whimsical and sturdy. A cowhide rug would be adorable in a child’s room or in a cozy home library or den. A kitchen designed with very simple, clean color schemes and lines would only be enhanced by a cowhide rug in a corner, or in the entryway.

These soft and stylish cowhide rugs are just the thing to tie together a whole room. They can be used as traditional rugs under a chair or in front of a couch, or you can use your imagination and use them as you would any other tapestry or throw blanket. This extreme versatility makes a piece like this a much better choice than a traditional rug. A traditional rug would stay on the floor in its place. A cowhide rug can be moved around from floor to wall to the back of a couch, allowing you to really express your creativity and keep your space feeling vibrant.

Allergens can be a major factor when purchasing a rug, but rest assured that cowhide rugs are not likely to harbor mold or mildew or other allergens.

Whatever your design challenge, you cannot go wrong with a classic, versatile, and bold cowhide rug.

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