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Pre-Florida Polling

John Hawkins at Right Wing News conducted a blogger poll over the weekend.

1) If you had to pick the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee today, which of the following candidates would you select?

4) Ron Paul: 11.6% (8 votes)
3) Rick Santorum: 21.7% (15 votes)
2) Mitt Romney: 31.9% (22 votes)
1) Newt Gingrich: 34.8% (24 votes)

Go see the rest.

Attorney TV Ad Fail Update

I had posted on this ad the other day. Office was misspelled with only one f. A commenter noted that the “s” in Dallas also kind of looks like an “x.”

Since then I’ve noticed an different ad with office spelled correctly on a pink background, and today there’s a corrected ad with the blue background.

I noticed that this ad has a different toll free number as well as the corrected word. Dallas still looks as if it ends in an “x” although I think that’s just the font choice since the x in Tx is a sharper x.

So, did we have anything to do with the correction?

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I made an image that can be used as a profile picture on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Click on the image and then save it. Or right-click on the image and choose save from the pop-up menu. If using on Facebook, choose to scale the image in the thumbnail so it stays round.

Attorney TV Ad Fail

I happened to look up at the TV during a commercial for Freese and Goss this morning and something really jumped out at me. This is the “full screen”:

and this is the close-up:

Did you catch it? Somebody didn’t run spell check. This ad has been running for several months. I generally don’t actually watch the commercials, but I happened to look up at just the right moment today and hit pause on the TiVo.

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Yesterday we went out shopping to get a few things. Trader Joe’s for some Two Buck Chuck, Irish Breakfast Tea and some vanilla beans.The Container Store is almost next door to that Trader Joe’s so we went in to check out the Lego storage units. We ended up with one of the Large Boxes and a Large Boy Head.

Then we went to Walmart for some other items and back home until it was time for dinner and Cub Scouts. After Cub Scouts we went to Dairy Queen for a treat.

Sometime later last evening I got up and I had a lot of pain in my right leg below the knee. Somehow during the day I must have twisted it some way. It still hurt later in the day and even overnight. It’s still hurting this morning. I have to be careful when changing direction because twisting the leg increases the pain. It’s amazing how many times you just twist to change direction during the course of a day. You don’t notice until there’s pain accompanying the movement…

Working Without a Contract

We saw a car today with a sign in the rear window that said, “District 109 Working Without a Contract.”

I take it that District 109 and the teachers’ union haven’t negotiated a new contract.

Of course, even if a new contract hasn’t been negotiated, the old one stays in effect until the new one is negotiated.

The teachers are still getting the same amount of money. They still get the same amount of vacation and personal days. They still get their benefits at the rate they were paying prior to the expiration of the previous contract. All the other aspects of their contracts with the district  remain as they have been.

Some could take that sign to mean that they are working without pay.

Most of us in the real world work without a contract. We are “at will” employees. That means that we can quit our jobs at any time and for any reason. We are free to leave our place of employment. Of course, that means our employer can fire us as well. Employers however are constrained by law as to reasons they can fire an employee, employees are not likewise constrained.

Personally I wouldn’t want to work under a group contract such as those the unions negotiate. I would like the opportunity to prove my worth to a company and have the company compensate me more as a result. If I do a better job, I should be able to be rewarded for it. If someone else is doing a worse job and layoffs come along, I shouldn’t have to worry that I might have to go first if I came in last. My employer should also have the freedom to choose to compensate me more for my added value or to fire me for not doing so well.