It’s that time of year. We eat until we drop on Thursday and then we can go shopping early on Friday. I actually got up one year to help my Mom and Dad find Furbys at WalMart. Got up really early, went to Walmart, got in line, and no Furbys. Never again I said.

Now we can just go online: Amazon Black Friday Deals Week has already started.

When my Little Guy was even littler, shopping online turned out to be the best way to go. Plain brown boxes arrived from Amazon and I could open them and wrap the presents inside late at night after he was asleep. I’d then put them back in the shipping box and tape it shut. Those shipping boxes came out on Christmas Eve and “Santa” would leave their contents under the tree for the good little boys and a girl who were sleeping peacefully in the other room.

Actually, that’s my tip of the year. Wrap the gifts as you buy them. I used to wrap everything on Christmas Eve and it was a lot of work, many times until the wee hours of the morning to get everything wrapped. By wrapping as you acquire the gifts, Christmas Eve work is no more than retrieving the wrapped gifts from wherever you have stored them and placing them under the tree. Then you can sit back and relax until bedtime, waking refreshed in the morning and really able to enjoy those excited little faces.

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