Chicago Tax Day Teaparty

It was an incredibly beautiful day! Here are some pictures:

A young lady:


possible infiltrators the middle sign has three glaring misspellings.


One sign, two sides





the OTP in the sign has One Term President under it.


Ink. Everything, Everyone, Everywhere : Ends


great Reagan quote on t-shirt


another sign with two sides:





Fox Chicago interviews lady in costume (hubby was directly behind her – from Fox camera view)


more signs

















She’s 96 years young and protesting at a Tea Party


From the University of Chicago College Republicans with a fund raising Milton Friedman Freedom shirt. We bought 2.


She made this shirt last night with a $4 Walmart tshirt. She said her mother wonders if she was switched at birth since she’s a conservative!


Wonder Woman


Tea? or Kool-Aid?










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