Whole Foods Buycott

I wasn’t near a Whole Foods today, but I was last Tuesday.

I was slightly concerned that there might be evidence of heads having exploded when I came back out, but everyone seems to have survived.

I was concerned because I had parked (legally) a big-a$$ GMC Yukon XL in the handicapped spot right in front of the store. Add to that, retired military plates, stickers to allow entrance to the naval base, and a front seat full of youth applications for Cub/Boy Scouts.

I was in the market for Greek yogurt, so that was one reason to be in the store. The other was to counter the boycott due to CEO John Mackey’s WSJ editorial.

It was the second time I had been in a Whole Foods, the first time was a long time ago and I can’t remember if it was the same store or one somewhere else. I liked the store, but it wasn’t easy to go up and down the aisles since the center section aisles were on a slight angle and didn’t quite line up with the aisles that were perpendicular to the back wall.

The cheese selection was just beautiful. The descriptions of each cheese were very informative, including what kind of milk and rennet were used in the manufacture of the cheese and a bit about it’s flavor and uses.

The bread department had a whole section of gluten free bread items (really neat for family and friends with celiac disease).

There was a beautiful salad bar and hot food bar.

I ended up leaving with my yogurt, a package of baby salad greens, a loaf of ciabatta bread, and a package of Method flushable bathroom wipes in the eucalyptus/mint scent.

On the front wall, readable from the check-out lines, was this value:

Creating wealth through profits and growth.

That is the only way wealth can be created. And it can be created. There isn’t only so much wealth to go around. There is an infinite amount available to be created. Our pie isn’t only “so big” so we have to take part of Mary’s slice so Fred can have a bigger piece. Our pie can be made bigger so Mary and Fred can have a piece that’s as big as they want to work for.

There wasn’t even any bird-doo on the truck when I left.

I’ll go back again if I’m in the area (20 miles away) and have time.

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