Monday Morning Musings

Busy weeks ahead! Which is fun, but also exhausting.

Last week was the Chicago Tea Party on Wednesday, Scouts Thursday, PTO Movie Night Friday, Six Flags Great America on Saturday, and cooking a turkey and cleaning house on Sunday. And then there’s still SPRING CLEANING to get all the dust off the high places… and to wash everything on top of the kitchen cabinets as those items get grease and dust built up over time…

I have a cake to make for Friday, for a luncheon for our teachers at school. Chocolate Lollipops too. Tomorrow I go on a field trip with The Little Guy’s 2nd grade class to the Milwaukee Public Museum. That leaves just Wednesday and Thursday for most of my cake work. Since I’m not Duff Goldman, and I don’t have a staff to help, I have to do all the work myself – baking, icing, decorating… But I love it.

The following week we have Fun Fair at school, which takes a lot of work up to the day and a lot of work on the day.

The next weekend is my 11th wedding anniversary (Saturday the 9th) and Mothers’ Day the day after that, then surgery for my mother the day after that.  All this and I’m scheduled for a colonoscopy on the 6th.

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