Christmas Lights

I try to get the Christmas lights up sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving and don’t turn them on until Thanksgiving. I like to wait for a fairly warm day. Yesterday was one such day. I went into the crawlspace for the lights and, even though they were in a gigantic Ziploc bag, they had gotten wet in the summer flooding and the inside of the bag was heavy with condensation. So, no Christmas lights.

christmas-lights.jpgToday was another warm day about 60°F so I moseyed on over to WalMart for some new Christmas lights. I got a string of those honking big colored C-9 Lights (24 feet long) and a string of white icicle lights (18 feet long). Those lengths are good for around the top of my porch.

Since I have two birthdays coming up on Sunday (Little Guy-7) and Monday (Big Girl-17), I had to get presents and wrapping paper too. Shrek the Third DVD Gift Pack with a beanie baby Donkey is one, but packed away until the weekend. WalMart has some nice black reusable bags for $1 a piece too. They’re a good size and say “Paper or Plastic? Neither.” on them.

Kate’s talking about Christmas Lights today too and she has a poll!

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