The Ides of March and IEATAPETA Day

The Ides simply mean the fifteenth. There is an ides in every month. So, Julius Caesar was to beware the 15th of March.

Here in America, we beware the Ides of April (unless that date falls on a Sunday so we get an extra day [THIS YEAR!], or if you send your return to Massachusetts which celebrates Patriot’s Day on the Ides of April so the Regional IRS office isn’t open and all those people get an extra day.)

March 15th is also the Fifth Annual International Eat a Tasty Animal for PETA day. Last year I made it IEATAPETA week and posted 5 tasty recipes. The year before I also posted a tasty recipe.

This year I plan on Chili’s To Go. Chili’s has three new flavors for Baby Backs in addition to their Original and Honey BBQ.

Kentucky Bourbon: Basted with a bourbon-based BBQ sauce

Memphis Dry Rub: Grilled with a Memphis-style dry rub of spices & herbs and served with a tangy Dijon BBQ sauce.

Carolina: Basted with a thick, tangy & slightly sweet BBQ sauce with a mild spicy finish.

The cool thing is that you can order a full slab of any one, or two half slabs of any two. What to order?

Flame-Grilled Ribeye: 12 oz. ribeye steak w/our own special seasonings and topped with garlic butter & roasted herb jus.

Chili’s Classic Sirloin: 8 oz. sirloin w/our own special seasonings and topped with savory steak butter & roasted herb jus.

and there’s more… Steak and portobello fajitas, Southwest Cedar Plank Tilapia, burgers, chicken, wings…

I just can’t wait until dinner time!

Update: I had a half rack of the Kentucky Bourbon and a half rack of the Memphis. Both were excellent!

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