Blogiversary Number Two

I forgot last year, well I missed it by a day.

Two years, 128,046 + visitors.

Cool beans!

Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to Chris at A Large Regular (owner of blogshares in this blog), Michelle Malkin, Rusty Shackleford at The Jawa Report, Ideazione (The Right Nation), The Anchoress, Jeanette and Newton at Oh How I Love Jesus and the rest at Hang Right Politics, Betsy at Betsy’s Page, Lorie at LorieByrd and Wizbang! and Wizbang Politics, Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush, Lady Jane at A Lady’s Ruminations, Laura Lee at The Wide Awake Cafe, Hugh Hewitt, LaShawn Barber, Mover Mike, and all the others who have linked to us.

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