Clinton on Fox News Sunday

One point my husband made was that Clinton seemed like he was well prepared to answer the questions. He knew he would be asked about it and had the answers ready and at hand.

I agree with my husband and also think that Clinton would have answered the question whether or not he was asked it.

I think Clinton came on the Fox program with Chris Wallace in order to say what he said.

Round up:

Ann Althouse notes that the Left thinks Clinton ruled! Her critique is here.
Betsy points us to Rich Lowry’s discussion of what Richard Clarke really said about Clinton and Bin Laden.
Don Surber explains why Bill Clinton is so angry.
Jim Hoft – the Gateway Pundit has a great round-up.
Jonathan at GOP Bloggers has links to ABC’s Jack Tapper’s examining the record.
As usual, Hot Air has lots.
Lorie Byrd has a great round-up as well. Also posted at Wizbang!
Plenty at Michelle Malkin, Newsbusters, and Stop the ACLU

All those links will give you even more to contemplate.

Check the Anchoress today. She’s good. She’s really good.

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