Gag Me

The radio was talking about Perky Katie Couric’s historic broadcast tonight and I really couldn’t care any less than I already don’t.

Hey! Ladies! The glass ceiling has been shattered! Katie’s got “big wing-tips to fill!” An historic broadcast! The first woman anchoring a network evening news show all by herself!

Isn’t she special?

Gag me.

Women in the middle east are forced to wear full burqas because their men have no self-control. If a woman is raped she is stoned to death for adultery. If she doesn’t want to wear a burqua or even a head scarf she’s killed by her family because she “besmirched their honor”.

NOW doesn’t care about that. But Katie breaking the glass ceiling? That’s worth caring about….

Welcome Radio Equalizer, Betsy’s Page, Wizbang!, Inkwell at the Independent Women’s Forum and Dr. Melissa Clouthier readers! Have a look around! We have a screenshot of the infamous Benjamin Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidential Series Talking Doll from Target!

Ann Althouse liveblogged the “historic” broadcast – she wasn’t too impressed…

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