MSM Covering the Wilting Trees

If reality doesn’t assist in the war against Bush, simply ignore it. That’s been the MSM’s method of reporting since Bush took office, well one of the methods. The media has been portraying our economy as “sagging”, “sluggish”, “slowing” for years now. They’ll cover every individual facet of negativity they can find and report it ad nauseum. How many times have you seen gas prices highlighted in the news? They take any tree in the forest they can find which shows things are bad, but what they won’t do is report on the forest itself, at least not honestly.

The fact is, America is going through one of its greatest periods of economic growth in its history. Check out Kudlow’s recent article: Employment, which under the Clinton administration appeared to be the hallmark of economic health, is at historically high levels. Growth has been astounding. Most importantly, the economic expansion reveals an underlying trend of flexibility. When one area retracts, others rebound.

But rather than reporting on a healthy and vibrant forest, the media will report on whatever wilting trees it can find in order to create the impression that Bush’s policies are failing.

The problem for old media is that I just read an article that completely belies its preferred storyline. And then I passed it on to you folks through this blog.

UPDATE: Right on cue is the NYT headline: “Jobs Data Indicates Economy is Slowing”.

Slowing? The MSM skips right past the fact that it was/is fast and moves right into slowing. Just to put this in persepctive: the fact that the recent US economic growth was equal to China’s entire economic output ISN’T newsworthy, but that fact that it may be slowing (which given its torrential pace, a slowing down period was certain to come about) IS newsworthy.

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