48 Hours – plus

I would have written about this at the time but Bitsy and Duncan had taken over my chair…


Still doing well. This is the third “wake-up” since the treatment and I still have not “reached” for the cigarettes and lighter.

I have tried several different methods to quit smoking before. One (many years ago) was a little machine that you would press a button every time you had a cigarette for a certain period of time, then it would start telling you when to have a cigarette. It was supposed to slowly wean you off cigarettes altogether. Didn’t work for anyone in my family.

I’ve tried the patch, gums, regular cold turkey (hey, I quit every single night! – until I woke up, of course).

This has worked.

Ace of Trump is skeptical of this treatment. He says he thinks it’s a placebo effect.

Eye Doc,

I can’t tell you if my endorphin levels have increased or not. I don’t have access to (or knowledge of) whatever I need to check the levels. But this is working. Cravings are minimal. Withdrawal symptoms are minimal to non-existent. I was smoking right up until the treatment in the afternoon on Monday.

Placebo or not, I’m one happy ex-smoker right now. And so are my family.


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