American Idol and Queen

We listen to Queen in the car all the time so I TiVo’d Idol last night so we could watch the Idol Kids do Queen.

Bucky was okay with Fat Bottomed Girls, but as Simon said, the song was a little too big for him.

Ace doing We Will Rock You – I wasn’t really awed – I didn’t like the way he did it, but the little guy liked it.

Kellie did Bohemian Rhapsody truncating the song as they do really didn’t do it justice. The song is 5 minutes and 54 seconds long and they cut it down to like 140 seconds. She did okay though. She can belt.

Chris doing Innuendo. I wasn’t really familiar with this song, but he did a really good job. That voice is something else.

Katherine Who Wants to Live Forever she was good. I liked it.

Elliott does Somebody to Love – he said he’d never heard the song before. His voice didn’t seem right for this song. Anne Hathaway did it wonderfully in Ella Enchanted.

Taylor does Crazy Little Thing Love I think his register was a little high for me. Simon said he thought “it was ridiculous”.

Paris. Brian May said “She’s damn good.” The Show Must Go On. I’m impressed. She has a very good voice and she can really belt.

This was the first time I’ve watched Idol. I’ve heard a lot about it and my Mom watches all the time. I was interested because of the Queen songs. Of course, Freddy’s shoes are really big ones to fill, and very hard to fill as well. If I was voting it would have been for either Paris or Chris.

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