With Our Help (Media) The Dems Can Win

E. J. Dionne is stratergizing about how the Dems can win. I think he inadvertantly went a little too far in revealing the media’s role in all of this, saying:

“The flow of negative news about the administration will do much of the Democrats’ work for them.”

Apparantly the MSM should keep up the bad press long enough to give the Dems time to solve the “party’s larger intellectual and tactical contradictions.” I wonder if E.J. knows that the media is the proverbial spoon that feeds these contradictions to the Dems?

Welcome PoliPundit, Two Minute Offense, Anchoress and Issac Schrodinger Readers! Please look around. Also on tap today: Kim helps take down the ACLU, a town named “Crosses” is sued for displaying crosses, and rockets gently fall in Israel.

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