Pryor Confirmation

As they were calling the votes, I was able to predict individual votes pretty easily.
Nelson of NE voted Aye.
Salazar of CO voted Aye.
Chaffee, Snowe, Collins Nay
Jeffords, Murkowski did not vote

Confirm Them:

We won, Ted Kennedy lost

Oh frabjous day, Callooh, Callay!!!!!
Bill Pryor has a lifetime appointment to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals! We won! Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer and all their smear jobs failed. They lost. We won, they lost. Pryor is a lifetime judge. I can’t stop saying it. This is so cool. We won, they lost. We beat Teddy K. Oh frabjous day! Callooh, callay!

William Pryor (11th): Ayes: 53 Nays: 45

Roll Call will/should be is here.

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