More on He Gets Life, She has the Right to an Abortion

Charmaine Yoest at Reasoned Audacity has more on this story as well as links to the Pro-Abortion side. In comments on my first post He Gets Life, She Has the Right to an Abortion, Elisa asks, “How are the abortion rights people spinning it?”

They had named the twins Eric and Gerardo, Jr. after their parents. Does this mean that they’d had ultrasounds? They knew the sex of the children that they then deliberately and violently destroyed? I’ve also noticed that the Entrenched Media is saying that Gerardo merely “stepped on” Erica’s stomach. This report from the Houston Press says:

Erica lay on the bedroom floor, and Jerry, about five foot eight and 180 pounds, stepped onto her stomach, just above the navel. Then he pressed his K-Swiss sneakers into her flesh. Their statements vary as to how often they repeated this process. Jerry said it was two or three times during the week leading up to the miscarriage; Erica said he stepped on her twice in the two weeks prior to the miscarriage.

Stepped on her stomach and then pressed his sneakers in. 180 pounds. That’s not just stepped on, that’s stood on.
Debate Link has a post with quotes and links from others on the Pro-Abortion side.

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