Bill to keep illegals driving in California

I found this one over at Red State. Apparently there is a bill in the system to exempt illegals from having their vehicles impounded.

California State Sen. Gil Cedillo is sponsoring S.B. 591 to amend the CA Vehicle Code to prevent illegal aliens who are caught driving without a license from having their cars impounded:

…This bill would require a city or county to exempt a person from the impound period where the offense involves a person who has never been issued a driver’s license due to an inability to meet the requirement that the applicant’s presence in the United States is authorized under federal law

Exempting a lawbreaker from the consequences of a law because the are breaking another law just by being in California… What will they think of next?

Read the whole thing.

This is also at Michelle Malkin’s Immigration Blog (same post as at Red State).

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