Attorney TV Ad Fail Update

I had posted on this ad the other day. Office was misspelled with only one f. A commenter noted that the “s” in Dallas also kind of looks like an “x.”

Since then I’ve noticed an different ad with office spelled correctly on a pink background, and today there’s a corrected ad with the blue background.

I noticed that this ad has a different toll free number as well as the corrected word. Dallas still looks as if it ends in an “x” although I think that’s just the font choice since the x in Tx is a sharper x.

So, did we have anything to do with the correction?

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Attorney TV Ad Fail

I happened to look up at the TV during a commercial for Freese and Goss this morning and something really jumped out at me. This is the “full screen”:

and this is the close-up:

Did you catch it? Somebody didn’t run spell check. This ad has been running for several months. I generally don’t actually watch the commercials, but I happened to look up at just the right moment today and hit pause on the TiVo.

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