52 Photos – Week 11

This post is back-dated one week because we were on vacation and I forgot to set it to auto-post.

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Monday Photos – Week 29

Allium. I had these at my old house and I’ll have to find some bulbs in the fall to plant here for the spring. I love the purple balls on their tall stalks. And they’ll multiply nicely too.

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I looked outside this beautiful late winter day where it’s sunny and 67° F and found purple crocii sunbathing. My tulips are also poking their heads out of the soil. The daffodils are getting ready to bloom and the two allium I planted in the fall are also coming up.

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Winter Garden Actvity

I glanced into the garden yesterday and saw these jonquils starting. They’re already more than 2 inches tall and it’s the last week of February, in the Greater Chicago-Milwaukee Metroplex. The rounder, green leaves are pachysandra – an evergreen groundcover.



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