Election Reform

It’s more than time for election reform.

States need to reform elections.

Government-issued photo ID required. The Left keeps trying to pretend that Voter ID is a special entity in and of itself when it isn’t. It’s only a government-issued photo ID which nearly every adult of voting age who wishes to register to vote already has and if they don’t can be obtained for free. Drivers license, State ID, Passport, Military ID, Trusted Traveler Card…

Voter Registration sunsets and must be renewed just like a driver’s license, state ID, Passport. Say every five years. If you don’t renew when it sunsets you can re-register, but otherwise, you are purged. People who have moved away or died will, of course, not be renewing, so they’ll get purged.

No same-day registration. Everyone knows when the elections are held. There is plenty of time to register to vote.

Early voting limited to one week prior to election day including a weekend. None of this weeks-and-weeks of early voting and speculating on who is ahead.

The Federal Government can “encourage” consistency amongst the several states like it did with the drinking age or the 55 mph speed limit…

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One Year Ago Today – Madison

One year ago today we went to Madison to see the protests first hand.


It was a beautiful day.


We couldn’t get near the front. Too many people. I had tried to get video of the marchers circling the Statehouse, but my camera wasn’t on when I thought it was.

Althouse got a shot of my back when she was there, but I missed her and Meade… 🙁


I’m just to the right of the teal knit hat. In the purple coat with the gray hood hanging down. If only I’d turned around just then…

UPDATE: Althouse has consolidated all her posts from one year ago today here.

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