Monday Photos – Week 22

This one is from Disneyland in Cars Land in Disney’s California Adventure. We went four years ago, when Younger Son had just graduated from Eighth Grade. This year he’s just graduated from High School and we’re moving.

Monday Photos – Week 21

Memorial Day. My father served during the Korean War, but not in Korea, in Europe. He died in 2002. I miss you Daddy.

Monday Photos – Week 20

Well, this little guy is THREE YEARS OLD! And he’s still a puppy. He’s a miniature Siberian and still only 30 pounds, about half to two-thirds the size of a regular Siberian. At the time this photo was taken we had just adopted him and he was twelve pounds and twelve weeks old. He’s a talker and has a great personality.

Monday Photos – Week 18

The 1968 Living Room at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Christmas 1968 Apollo 8. Apollo 9 was in March 1969, Apollo 10 in May, and One small step for Man in July with Apollo 11.

Monday Photos – Week 17

We snowed again over the weekend, but it wasn’t as much as predicted. Hopefully this is the last late snow. It’s my last April in Illinois because we’re moving to Tennessee at the end of next month!

Monday Photos – Week 14

Today’s photo is actually from today. We hit over 70ºF today and the Crocus decided to wake up! Yay! Of course, this being the Chicago area, tomorrow isn’t supposed to get much over 50ºF.

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